Studios Hergé

Studio Hergé

Created in 1987 by Fanny Rodwell, Hergé’s sole legatee, Studios Hergé is a not-for-profit organization based in Brussels, the birthplace of the creator of Tintin.

The aim of the organization is to protect the work of Hergé, and to promote the wider understanding of this work.

Protecting the work of Hergé involves safeguarding its form as well as its spirit. In this context, Studios Hergé is involved in authorizing noncommercial reproductions of extracts from Hergé’s books on a daily basis. Generally, Studios Hergé also supports initiatives that it believes are faithful to the work of Hergé and of particular interest.

In order to promote the wider understanding of the work of Hergé, it is first necessary to make an inventory of the vast heritage that has been left under the responsibility of the Studios. It is of the utmost importance that this heritage should be made available to the public through the publication of archived material and through the organization of themed exhibitions.

With this in mind, Studios Hergé is currently engaged in examining and classifying archived material including artwork, correspondence, photographs and audiovisual material. It is important to note that Hergé created thousands of drawings, and wrote and received thousands of letters, giving some idea of the size of the task that Studios Hergé has undertaken.

At the same time, so as to respond to continuing enthusiasm for a body of work considered to be timeless and universal, Studios Hergé has regularly arranged varied exhibitions covering every aspect of Hergé’s creativity.

The Hergé Museum in Louvain-la-Neuve, open since June 2009, was the biggest challenge yet for the Studios. This challenge was successfully met with hard work and dedication. The treasure chest that is the museum, dedicated to the work of Hergé, presents every facet of this work in a context faithful to the principles which have governed the activities of Studios Hergé since its inception.