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The Boutique Tintin is going to be 25 years old! A new figurine to celebrate…

Tintin and Snowy are putting on all the finery they can muster, to celebrate the 25th birthday of the Boutique Tintin in Brussels. This new, limited-edition figurine is also coming out at a time when Tintin and Snowy are celebrating their 85th birthday, and the Hergé Museum is going to be 5 years old. It’s not every day that you see the little reporter dressed up in the style of the times of King Louis XV of France!

louis xv 1

In 1943, Hergé created eight Tintin illustrations for a series of didactic postcards portraying historical vehicles, people from ancient civilisations, and various animals and plants. He also imagined a series celebrating historical dress.

Louis XV carte

As Hergé was busy redrawing his stories to fit a new format proposed by his publisher, he called on the help of his assistant at the time, the man who would later write the Blake and Mortimer series, Edgar Pierre Jacobs. While Hergé would draw Tintin and Snowy in themed situations, Jacobs would provide the illustration depicting the real-life object or person at the centre of the theme.

Among the eight original drawings made for the prototype series (today housed in the archives of the Studios Hergé), one, entitled “The Times of Louis XV”, depicts historical dress. Drawn in pencil, ink and gouache, this little gem attests to the talent of the two artists involved in the project. The different styles employed by Hergé and Jacobs – one supple and one more rigid – complement one another perfectly.



The Hergé Museum stays open on 1 May

It’s a bank holiday in many countries but on 1 May the Hergé Museum stays open! Spring is in the air; come and visit the museum in Louvain-la-Neuve on Thursday.



On 3 March 1983…

© Studios Hergé 2014

© Studios Hergé 2014

On 3 March 1983, the creator of Tintin passed away. For the storyteller the adventure was over, but today the adventures continue in the minds of his readers! Thank you Hergé for the wonderful world you left behind for us.


Tintinologist Michael Farr pays a visit to the Hergé Museum

Michael Farr musée hergé 001

The Hergé Museum welcomed a special guest yesterday: Tintinologist Michael Farr! Author of the popular book about Tintin and his creator Hergé, Tintin: The Complete Companion, Farr spent time browsing the galleries; at the end of his visit he wrote a wonderful message in the visitors’ book. Please come back to visit us again soon Mr Farr!


Happy Birthday Tintin!

Happy Birthday Tintin

On 10 January 1929 Tintin appeared for the first time in Le Petit Vingtième, the children’s supplement to the Brussels newspaper Le Vingtième Siècle. The date fell on a Thursday, the day of the week on which the supplement was published. In those days children had Thursdays off school, which they made up for by attending on Saturdays!




For the brave comic strip character who would become his most famous creation, Hergé was inspired by the investigative reporting of the 1920s. For his trademark quiff, it is possible that the author made him resemble his little brother, Paul Remi. Hergé named Tintin’s best friend and faithful companion after his first girlfriend, whose nickname was Milou!


This weekend…

To mark the occastion of Tintin’s 85th birthday, on Sunday this weekend two special French-language talks will be given by Studios Hergé author and archivist Dominique Maricq and author/Producer Alok B. Nandi, at the Hergé Museum in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. The theme is Tintin in India, to coincide with the temporary exhibition currently on display at the Museum: “Hello Brussels? Gaipajama Calling!”

Sunday 12 January 2014

11 pm to 12 pm: Sur les Traces de Tintin en Inde, conference by Dominique Maricq (French)

4pm to 5pm: En Inde avec Tintin conference by Alok Nandi (French)

© Nicolas Borel. Atelier de Portzamparc 2013


And to round off this anniversary news, visit our French-language site by clicking the link below, for a little tribute to our favourite reporter!

Happy Birthday Tintin!


© Nicolas Borel. Atelier de Portzamparc 2013

© Nicolas Borel. Atelier de Portzamparc 2013

On Sunday 5 January 2014, visitors to the Hergé Museum will be able to enjoy a leisurely tour of the galleries – completely free of charge (opening hours 10am to 6 pm)! This is part of an ongoing offer in collaboration with the “Arts & Publics” association, inviting people to enjoy free museum trips on the first Sunday of every month.


Peter Jackson talks Tintin!

© Hergé – Moulinsart 2013

© Hergé – Moulinsart 2013

In a brief interview recently, posted on Italian film news website, Peter Jackson confirms that Tintin 2 is definitely on the way – he’s just got to get through the rest of the Hobbit and then it’ll be full steam ahead!


2014 Tintin calendar

Bad weather is the theme of the 2014 Tintin calendar, which is full of delightful Hergé graphics. The metal ring-bound softcover calendar has a glossy cover and comes packaged in shrink wrap. The calendar is quadrilingual, including English, French, Dutch and Spanish text. Get them while they’re hot (or not) at the Amazon US Tintin store!

tintin calendar

Tintin gifts at Amazon!

It’s the end of the year soon and what better way to celebrate the festive season than by giving Tintin gifts to your friends and family!

US Tintin fans can browse great gifts at the Tintin shop

Whether  or not we have a white Christmas this year, it’s always “Snowy” one way or the other on these great Tintin greetings cards!



Christmas shopping


As Christmas grows near and we are all going online to shop for gifts, is fully stocked up with a wide range of toys, books, games, fashion accessories and Tintin merchandise, guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of family and friends. The team at the website has also been working hard to offer more features to customers. This week the boutique was launched in a new language: every page of the website – the whole available catalogue – can now be browsed in Dutch!
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