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    Appears In Fun Facts

    Snowy is Tintin’s faithful companion, traversing continents with his adventurous master and saving his life on numerous occasions. Throughout all 24 Tintin adventures, reporter and dog are inseparable.

    Real-life inspiration

    Hergé chose a fox terrier as Tintin’s canine companion. At the time, the fox terrier was popular for its character and intelligence — attributes abundantly evident in Snowy. Additionally, the landlord of a restaurant Hergé frequented was the proud owner of a fox terrier, and his dog became the inspiration for Snowy. In all likelihood, however, the landlord’s dog didn’t talk. In that way, Snowy is very much his own dog!

    A dog’s life

    Snowy holds a bone

    While heroic and intelligent, Snowy is still very much a dog. In The Shooting Star, he lies contentedly asleep, his stomach full of sausages. In The Black Island, he picks up a roast chicken from the British Rail restaurant car as Tintin rushes through in pursuit of villains. When faced with the choice between helping his companion and enjoying a delicious bone in King Ottokar’s Sceptre, Snowy hesitates just a bit before he chooses Tintin and saves the day.


    Snowy proves his bravery on numerous occasions. He is a fighter with true terrier traits and is undeterred by bigger, fiercer dogs, lions, cheetahs, goats, gorillas or evil humans. Tintin can depend on his loyalty and impressive initiative, Snowy and the Lion whether neutralizing high explosives by simply cocking his leg, or repeatedly freeing his master from his bonds. Despite his courage, there is one thing Snowy is afraid of — check out the Fun Facts below to find out what it is!

    Fun Facts about Snowy

    • Hergé named Tintin’s faithful companion after his first girlfriend, whose nickname was “Milou” (Snowy’s name in the French-language versions of Tintin).
    • Snowy talks less and barks more after the introduction of the chatty Captain Haddock — perhaps because he can’t get a word in edgewise!
    • Snowy is afraid of only one thing: spiders.
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