Moulinsart S.A. announces the new English-language website:

Experience a whole new Tintin Adventure!

Moulinsart S.A., the public limited company created to protect and promote the works of the iconic Belgian artist HERGÉ, is delighted to announce the launch (phase 1) of a new English-language website hosted at

Tintin’s popularity has grown ever since his first appearance all the way back in 1929. Today, 250 million books have been sold and the brave reporter’s stories have been translated into 100 languages. And now, set to première on 26 October, the new website promises to take visitors on a whole new adventure!

An animated opening sequence gives Tintin fans their first view of the new site. Through the eyepiece of an ancient nautical telescope, the dazzling homepage features an interactive carousel of book cover images! Visitors go on to discover fun and informative character profiles, adventure résumés and behind-the-scenes stories, while learning about the places Tintin visits on his worldwide adventures. The treasure trove is overflowing with videos, animations and breathtaking graphics taken from the Tintin adventures. Ten thousand thundering typhoons: there really is something for everyone to enjoy! also incorporates an online shop where visitors and fans can explore an extensive collection of Tintin merchandise and gifts including Tintin T-shirts, fluffy toys and all kinds of collectibles. The site will initially ship to destinations within the United Kingdom; additional territories all over the world-including the continental US-will be served as soon as late November.

The launch of the new site comes on the very same day as the eagerly-awaited 26 October UK release of the new film “The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn.” Directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson and Kathleen Kennedy, from a screenplay by Steven Moffat and Edgar Wright & Joe Cornish, based on “The Adventures of Tintin, The Secret of the Unicorn” by Hergé, the 3D animated feature stars an international cast that includes Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot, Defiance), Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings, King Kong), Daniel Craig (James Bond, Cowboys and Aliens), and comedy duo Nick Frost and Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz).

From Oscar® winning director Steven Spielberg and Oscar® winning producer Peter Jackson, two of today’s most visionary storytellers, comes a 3D motion picture event: an epic, globe-hopping quest that spans hidden mysteries, menacing criminals and ancient secrets — and brings to dazzling, life the classic escapades that have enthralled generation after generation with their one-of-a-kind mix of action, humor and scintillating tale-spinning in The Adventures of Tintin, The Secret of the Unicorn.

Based on the internationally beloved and irrepressible characters created by Hergé, the story follows the unquenchably curious young reporter Tintin (Jamie Bell) and his fiercely loyal dog Snowy as they discover a model ship carrying an explosive secret. Drawn into a centuries-old mystery, Tintin finds himself in the sightlines of Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine (Daniel Craig), a diabolical villain who believes Tintin has stolen a priceless treasure tied to dastardly pirate named Red Rackham. But with the help of his dog Snowy, the salty, cantankerous Captain Haddock (Andy Serkis) and the bumbling detectives Thompson & Thomson (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost), Tintin will travel half the world, outwitting and outrunning his enemies in a breathless chase to find the final resting place of The Unicorn, a shipwreck that may hold the key to vast fortune… and a ancient curse.

From the high seas to the sands of North African deserts, every new twist and turn sweeps Tintin and his friends to escalating levels of thrills and peril, proving that when you dare to risk everything, there’s no limit to what you can do.

The Director of Moulinsart S.A., Nick Rodwell, has commented on the upcoming Tintin website:

“One of the biggest challenges of my existence was to help create a new website for all English speaking countries. Choosing the right team made this all possible.”

The new site has been developed and executed by the San Francisco office of global agency Euro RSCG in conjunction with Moulinsart S.A. Euro RSCG CEO Alan Burgis:

“Any time you get to work with one of the world’s truly great global entertainment brands is a great day for Euro RSCG. The Tintin franchise is such an opportunity. We believe the site we created is both true to the brand’s traditional audience base and yet an exciting destination for all of those new fans that will be created by the movie launch, which is a Spielberg/Jackson collaboration. Nice company for us to keep!!”

Moulinsart S.A. is committed to adding quality content to Tintin fans will be delighted to discover regular updates in the months to come.

For further information please contact Moulinsart S.A.:
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